Online Sign-up PagesOnline Sign up Pages

Collect information directly from your website by creating Online Sign Up Pages directly from your account. Choose from many stylish templates that can be customized from look and feel to data content. All information collected is associated in the appropriate distributions lists(s) within your database.

Choose from dozens of pre-designed Online Sign-up Page templates or customize your own Sign-up page to match your website by plugging in the HTML source code.

Send an auto-responder to go out right after someone signs up on your Online Sign-up Page

Customize each Sign-up page to be unique for every event or registration so that it's catered to the look and feel of your website.

Create your Online Sign-up Page (OSP) with its own unique URL that you can tie to your website.. For example, your homepage can have a link "Click here to register for TEXT Message Alerts" that links to your OSP.

Create Custom Data Fields for your Online Sign-up Page to collect even more information from your customers! Create up to 10 different Data Fields using text fields, drop downs, and radio buttons that you get to customize. By collecting data, you can now send targeted messages to specific demographics.

Create an embedded version of the above OSP (eOSP) that can be displayed inside your existing webpage instead of directing to an external page. It functions like a mini version of the above OSP.

Create a Facebook Widget (Facebook version of the eOSP), which allows you to connect with your existing fans, friends, and other active users on Facebook. Similarly to the OSP, your Facebook Widget will collect customer information from your fan page and auto-populate your database.

Perfect for collecting

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Mailing Address
  • Birthday
  • Income
  • Surveys / Feedback