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Amp up your business with QR Codes

Create a fun and easy way to collect contacts and engage your audience. QR Code Marketing allows greater brand awareness in a creative way. Post your QR Code in your print advertising, on your Facebook Fan page, and event destinations.

  • Speed-up the process of growing your opt-in customer database
  • Rapidly distribute your mobile offers to immediately boost sales
  • Dramatically increase advertising response rates
  • Broaden your reach and retain more customers
  • Track your success by evaluating the number of scans and mobile sign-ups
  • Measure campaign performance by market segment

Configure Your QR Code to Automatically Connect with Each Scan. Instead of opting in to your text campaign, your audience can now simply scan the QR code, and are immediately opted in. Send your audience to online product pages, registration pages, promotional videos, etc.

Make opting-in to your mobile marketing database Fun and Easy!

Great for:

  • Print Advertising
  • Product Placement
  • Events